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Blonde Hair, Make up, Dressed in Black I knocked on the door of an upstairs flat in Clayton, Melbourne, and a young woman about 20 years old answered the door. Long blonde hair, thick make up and dressed in black. After much hesitation she invited me in. We sat down and after awhile I demonstrated the books. The medical books didn't really appeal to her, but the book Today, Tomorrow and You by Arthur Maxwell caught her eye.

While canvassing the chapter “What Happens When Someone Dies?” she asked, “What does happen when someone dies?” Now these words came from a heart softened by the Holy Spirit. Behind her glamorous outward appearance was a gentle spirit that showed deep concern.

I pulled out the big white family Bible and her eyes just lit up. Opening up to the back, I showed her how she could find answers to her questions. Seeing the value of it she placed an order for it.

Before leaving I asked her if we could have prayer together. Now she felt a little uncomfortable, so I said to her, “It's OK. I'll close my eyes too. I won't look!”

Soon after the prayer her boyfriend walked in and was curious to know what I was doing. I explained, and once seeing the Bible was very happy at the purchase. He too had an interest in God. He said, “I'm a Catholic. You are too, aren't you?” I replied, “I used to be a Catholic. I'm now a Sabbath keeper.”

They looked at me a little puzzled, “We've never heard about Sabbath keepers.” I then told them a little about the Church and explained why I no longer attend the Catholic Church.

It was a real joy to watch as the Lord opened their eyes to truth. - Joe Paola, Southern Area

The following is some recommended reading: To discover why God calls the Catholic Church Babylon, read the origin of sun worship and Sunday Sabbath followed by paganism in the Church and the who changed the Sabbath for the real truth on how the Sabbath was changed. Number of the beast is also recommended reading and contains fascinating information on the real origin of 666 and how it originally also came from Babylon and why it now relates to the Catholic Church. The secret rapture theory and seven years tribulation reveals the truth on how this false teaching came to be and gives the real truth on the second coming of Christ. [prophecy]